Here we answer some of the most common FAQ’s about our Online Audio Post Production Services. If you have any others please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

  1. We need to record voiceover/ADR?
    No problem, we have a lovely VO booth that can seat up to 3 people. Clients can also dial in via Source Connect to remotely monitor and direct sessions.
  2. Can I come to a studio for the final mix and sign off?
    We can complete broadcast ready mixes from all our studios and you are welcome to come and join us, alternatively we can book one of our affiliated studios near you for the final mix and sign off.
  3. Our video editor does all our sound!
    For all but the simplest of projects we would always advise that a sound professional completes the final audio mix. This guarantees you consistent high quality sound across your productions as well as ensuring they surpass any of today’s stringent quality requirements.
  4. How does the video editor get the necessary files to you?
    We work closely with your video editor or post house to ensure a smooth workflow between us. For this we require an OMF or AAF file with 100 frame handles on all clips. We also need a compressed Quicktime video file for reference. This should be SD, set to 640 x 360 dimensions with a 25fps burnt in timecode and encoded to MPEG-4. All this can be uploaded to our secure sever here.
  5. Is it secure?
    All our uploads, downloads and live streams are SSL encrypted and password protected and we have a redundant backup for all data so you can be sure your project is safe with us.
  6. What about communication?
    At Brown Bear Audio we like to meet all our clients no matter how big or small a job is. We encourage regular meetings prior to commencing work and throughout a project, if this is not possible all our engineers have Skype accounts and are available to talk directly to you 24/7. Using Source Connect software we can also stream a live link of you audio so you can monitor it from anywhere with an internet connection.

    We are also always available through telephone and email.

  7. Who will be the audio engineer on my project?
    We have a team of engineers and musicians who specalise in mixing for broadcast, sound design, dialogue editing, sound effects creation and music composition so depending on what is required we will select the best person for the job. If multiple processes are involved we may use different engineers for each job bringing all the elements together for the final mix.
  8. We have our own audio suite at our production offices!
    All our freelance engineers are able to complete work onsite at your facilities as well as from their own studios.