• What We Do


  1. > Sound Editing/Tracklay/Prep
    Most productions will require some form of sound editing, tracklay and preparation, whether its arranging a session to make it easier to mix or trimming and nudging audio parts to tighten up their timing. Much of this work can be carried out by our junior sound engineers allowing you to save money for the more creative elements.
  2. > Stereo & 5.1 Mixing
    We can mix your production in Stereo and 5.1 surround to a range of standards. Whether it’s for television, film or online we work closely with you to ensure all broadcast standards and deliverables are met.
  3. > Voiceover Recording
    Our recording booth can comfortable seat several people providing full voiceover and ADR recording services. From TV ads and audio books to podcasts and audio guides we have all your voice recording needs covered.  
  4. > Sound Design
    We are skilled in audio manipulation through the use of samplers, synthesis, plug-ins and layered fx. By incorporating specially designed sounds into the tracklay we can completely alter a scenes perceived meaning and create something new and exciting that is sure to enhance your production.
  5. > Audio Restoration & Repair
    Nothing beats a great production recording but if you find your production audio is not up to standard we may be able to help. By using sophisticated plug-ins and techniques it is possible to repair a damaged production audio track by removing unwanted hiss, crackle, noise, buzz, distortion, phasing, cows mooing etc! Send us a sample of you audio and we’ll see if we can save it!
  6. > Sound Effects
    Sound Effects can take on many forms from an ambient tracklay used to set the mood of a scene to spot effects laid to sync with a specific action. We have an extensive sample library to refer to that will have most effects you require. Where a sound effect is beyond the realms of our library we can create bespoke effects using recording and manipulation.
  7. > Bespoke Music Composition
    We have a number of composers working for us who are able to create original music for your production. They are extremely comfortable working in a range of musical styles and genres so whether it’s a cutting edge dance track you need or a complex orchestral arrangement we have a composer that can create it.
  8. > Mixing & Mastering Music
    We have engineers experienced in mixing live music and multitrack recordings of all genres from rock to pop, jazz and folk.  Our previous clients includes Beverley Craven, Herbie Flowers, Richard Durrant and The Old Dance School. All we need to get started on your mix is a song session or multitrack stems. We can also master your final mix to Red Book standard ready to be duplicated.

We’ve created and mixed audio for TV, radio, cinema, digital advertising campaigns, computer games, corporate films, audiobooks, podcast and everything in between.

Pooling together a team of the most suitable people for your project, we tailor our service to suit your specific requirements and budget.

Upload your files to us here and throughout a project you can review and feedback on our work in several ways:

  • Log into a live HD stream allowing you to view and comment in realtime from anywhere in the world
  • View, downloaded and add notes via the cloud
  • Attend sessions at our studio or we can arrange a viewing at a studio near you

We understand that things change and we are always on hand to complete any last minute amendments that may arise. Once the project is completed you can download all the deliverables via a secure link.

Essentially all we need to get started on your project is a brief, an OMF/AAF file and a compressed reference MPEG. Click here to go to the Upload page and find out more.

Delivery Specs

There are a number of broadcast standards and formats for various countries so making sure your production is compliant is essential to avoid rejection by QC. We are familiar with a range of standards including the UK’s EBU R-128 and work closely with our clients to ensure all delivery formats are met depending on the program content.