A Guide to Remotely Dialling in for Sessions


  • Google Chrome web browser version 58 or above-please close all other tabs within the browser to save your CPU
  • A microphone – this can be the built in one found on most laptops or an external one
  • Playback device – this can be either headphones or speaker although we recommend using headphones.
  • A stable internet connection (preferably wired) capable of 10mbps upload and download.

Audio Only Monitoring

For audio only monitoring, we use Source Connect Now, a fully secure, broadcast quality, web based, streaming service. We send a password-protected link which upon clicking will take you to the Source Connect Now portal. You will be required to enter your name, password and choose your audio sound quality; this should default to the settings we have programmed but if not we advise 256kbps when working in mono and 512kbps for stereo. Once connected you will need to select your audio input (your microphone) and output device (speakers or headphone port). Google Chrome may ask you for access to your audio device and microphone, which you will need to allow. Once connected you will have comms with the talent, engineer and anyone else dialled in.

We recommend enabling the push to talk function during the session that can be done by clicking on ‘push to talk’ below ‘recorder’. When enabled you can either press and hold the shift key or click the ‘open’ button when you want to talk. This ensures you are only heard when you want to be and the talent won’t hear any background noise during takes.