VR & 360 Spatial Audio

  • VR & 360 Audio for Facebook, YouTube & Twitter

For us 360 VR is one of the most inspiring emerging formats today and audio is fundamental to immersing the audience and creating a truly emotive experience. With it’s ability to transport the audience from ‘looking in’ to ‘being in’ the format has so much potential in application from advertising and marketing to design and entertainment.

Our workflow for VR and 360 audio have been developed through countless hours of research and real world experience creating audio content for a number of projects. Using the latest audio technology we can design, mix and create your VR soundtrack, adding greater dimension to any 3D or VR project. Mixes can be outputted in all the major formats including Ambi X, FuMa, Quad Binaural, Facebook 360 video and You Tube 360. Alternatively we can provide you with an 8 channel audio files for embedding into your video, game player or app.

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VR & 360 Spatial Audio