Audio Post-Production Partnership for Content Creator’s

Audio post-production can be a daunting and sometimes expensive territory for content creators but we aim to make it easy and cost effective by offering a flexible partnership program.

By collaborating with Brown Bear we can integrate seamlessly with your video department to digitally deliver the efficiency of owning your own in-house sound department, whilst still enjoying the flexibility and financial benefit of outsourcing.

Our team of highly creative award winning sound designer, composers & mixers enjoy working with experienced and new content creator to help guide them through the audio post process. From exploring the possibilities of using sound to enhance the creative storytelling to ensuring your audio sounds as good as it technically can we are here to help you.

Available at the click of a mouse you can quickly upload files for us to work on, and with our competitive hourly and day rates it won’t cost you the world.

Partnering up with Brown Bear will ensure a consistent level of audio quality throughout all you productions, ultimately giving your audience a better listening experience and increasing the overall production values.

Some other benefits include:

  • Flexible and responsive – we’re always on hand to amend or re-conform any last minute changes to the picture
  • Fast turnarounds & high quality output without compromising creative content
  • Ensure exceptional quality sound across all your productions
  • Cost effective – We don’t have the overheads of a Soho post house and can offer great rates through remote working
  • Saves hassle – No need to leave your office, view, comment and approve the sound online

Get in touch to discuss your next project and find out how you can benefit from the convenience but none of the cost of an in-house audio department.