Feedback and Approvals

Our online platform allows you too add comments and approve the files we send you. You can do this without the need to download any software, create an account, or follow complicated instructions. Files can be previewed or download instantly, on any device, in high resolution.

When we send you a files you will receive an email with a link. Once you click on the link you will be required to type in a password that we’ll send you in a separate email.

From the main window shown here you can download the files, access the comments window, see who the other recipients of the file are and manage your notification settings. To add a comment click on the green Feedback icon in the top right of the files. When clicked you will be taken to the comments window. You might want to start downloading the file if you want to watch it offline later.

Adding feedback at a chosen timecode

Adding comments at a chosen timecode

To add a comment simply find the part of the video you want to add a comment too and start typing in the comments box. By default the files will stop playing whilst you are typing so you don’t miss anything. Once you have finished click the blue submit button in the bottom right corner. Your comment and the timecode will then be added to the list on the right of the screen.

Adding feedback to a section

Adding comments to a section

To add a comment to a section simply find the start point in the files and click the set to current time button in the start timestamp box, then find the end point and click the set to current time button in the end timestamp box. Once you have marked the in and out point type your comment in the box and click submit.

Marking up a frame

Marking up a frame

You can also mark up any area of the picture with a comments. To do this click the ‘Add Markup’ button at the bottom of the screen. You will then be able to click and drag the mouse to draw a red box within any part of the preview frame. Once you have marked the area you want, add a comment and click submit.

All feedback will be listed on the right of the screen under the comments heading from the first to the most recent and you can navigate to a comment instantly by clicking on it. You can also see our reply to any comments and the notification system will keep everyone up to date with all the feedback going on in real-time.   

Some other Features

  • You can upload files of up to 50GB to us here
  • All files are SSL encrypted, password protected and have random generated URL’s for maximum security
  • Digital Pigeon is powered by Amazon’s Cloudfront CND enabling the transport of your files as fast as your internet connection can go, no bottlenecks, no congestion and no slow down at ‘rush hour’!