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We’ve turbo charged our live review and approval sessions with Evercast, an ultra low latency streaming platform with built in video conferencing.

Although remote working in audio post-production is not a new concept it has moved firmly into the spotlight as the Covid-19 crisis has developed.

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In this blog we’re going to take you through how to use of our transfer client: Digital Pigeon, for feeding back and approving the files we send you. You can do this without the need to download any software, create an account, or follow complicated instructions. Files can be previewed or download instantly, on any device, in high resolution.

In this article we give you 10 reasons to adopt a remote workflow for your audio post production.

Our new cloud platform makes the transfer, review and approving of files more integrated and streamlined. This not only improves workflow but also give you more time to spend on the creative things, which we love.

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Audio post-production can be a daunting and sometimes expensive territory for content creators but we aim to make it easy and cost effective by offering a flexible partnership program.